Cross-Country Qualification Meet – Registration Form

If your child has participated regularly in our cross-country practices they will have received an important note about the Qualification Meet taking place October 5th.  Please ensure the bottom portion of the form is returned by Wednesday, September 30th to ensure that your child will be registered for the race.  Also be aware that the teachers will NOT have the necessary paperwork required to allow a child to go home with a parent other than their own. Children who come on the bus will return on the bus! Thanks for your help.  If you are making other arrangements you’ll need to see Mme. Sardella about the paperwork.

Our Cross-Country meet dates are quickly approaching. There are three meets:

Qualification Meet:  Monday, October 5th –Grade 1-6
Conference Finals: Thursday, October 15th (Grade 3-6 qualifiers from Qualification meet)
City Finals: October 22nd -City Finals (Grade 4-6 qualifiers from Conference Meet)

If your child qualifies to advance a note will be sent home.

Qualification Meet Information

When: Monday, October 5th
Time: Meet in the gym at 8:00. Primary students will return around noon, juniors around 2:00.
Where: Centennial Park (Rathburn and Renforth)
How: School Bus (there will be room for a few parents on but others will need to drive)
Cost: $2 for each runner (although this covers the bus it is averaged on the number of participants so all runners must contribute even if they are driving to the event)
What to bring: Please ensure children have clothing appropriate for the day’s weather (sunscreen, coat, rain gear etc.). It is a good idea to wear rain boots or have a change of sock and runners as the morning grass is wet.  We will be outside for the duration of the day rain or shine. Lunch and healthy snacks are needed.  Leave valuables and electronics at home.

Volunteers are needed to help supervise runners and organize at the event. Please let us know if you are able to help us.

Please complete and return this form by Wednesday, September 30th to CONFIRM your child’s participation.

Thanks for your support,

Mr. Petrakovic and Mrs. Ringer

My child ____________________________ in grade __________ will attend the Qualification meet on October 5th.

He/she will travel          ___________on the school bus both ways

___________with me both ways

I am able to volunteer ___________ would prefer to be on the bus

___________would prefer to drive and meet you there

My email address to organize volunteering is ___________________________

Parent’s name____________________________________-and Signature

Race times October 5th Meet

***Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled race time.

***Races may begin up to 20 minutes before the scheduled time

10:00       Grade 1 Girls          1000 M
10:10       Grade 1 Boys
10:20       Grade 2 Girls
10:30       Grade 2 Boys
10:40       Grade 3 Girls          1500 M
10:55       Grade 3 Boys

Transition start line to chalet area

11:20       Grade 4 Girls          2000 M
11:40       Grade 4 Boys
12:00       Grade 5 Girls
12:20       Grade 5 Boys
12:40       Grade 6 Girls
1:00         Grade 6 Boys


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