QSP Fundraiser – Volunteers Needed

Call for volunteers!

QSP is so successful because of awesome volunteers like you! We’re going to need some extra help this  year with handing out all of the take home packages and working on the campaign in general over the next 2 weeks. If you can spare some time after morning drop off we would love to see you! We are usually in the nurse’s office (next to the main office) and can put you to work. Please fill in the contact form below if you are available and I will put you on the schedule. If you are available only one morning, great! If you can come in every morning, really great!

I am also looking for one to two excited and enthusiastic volunteers to start taking over this campaign next year! It’s very easy and really fun to run. I will help you through the campaign as the “man behind the curtain” so that you will be comfortable taking on the role.  This fundraiser is one of our MAJOR money makers for things our students need throughout the year and is very easy to run. There is a lot of support from QSP and once I show you how easy it is you’ll realize why I have enjoyed it so much over the past few years.

Sure, there’s no pay involved…but having 500+ kids make you feel like a rockstar is a pretty cool perk  🙂

We’re looking forward to making this year our most successful ever! Once again we are offering photo books and this year the ENTERTAINMENT BOOKLET APP! Do you remember those old bricks of coupons you used to buy? Now it’s an app!  AND it’s good all across NORTH AMERICA! It’s an amazing deal at $25 and for every one we sell, the school will get $10 from that purchase.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Julie French

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