RFRK Celebrates Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day at Howard

On Friday May 15th, Jamie Oliver, world-renowned chef and advocate for healthy eating habits for children, will be leading Food Revolution Day, a global campaign designed to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.  Tomorrow, the Real Food for Real Kids’ marketing and communications team will be coming to Howard during the Real Food Lunch Club to showcase the food being served and Howard’s commitment to this cause.


Feel free to share the pictures on your social media pages along with a link to the Food Revolution Day petition that is being signed and shared to promote compulsory practical food education in schools.


AJ will be arriving around 11:15 with camera in hand.

Below is a list of the types of photos he would like to capture:

  • Pictures of the Lunch Club Coaches serving food and being excited to encourage kids to eat real, nutritious food for lunch
  • Pictures of the kids lining up eagerly awaiting the service of food

o NOTE:  Pictures of children will not be of their faces; the focus of the shots will be the LCC, with the backs of kids facing the camera

  • Pictures of the food making it from serving spoon to kids’ lunch containers
  • Pictures of the food in serving containers

o NOTE:  These will be close ups of the kids’ hands (as much as they can stay still!) holding the plates / containers of food

  • A few pictures of LCCs and or staff holding up hands to sign the FRD petition (see this link for examples – http://www.foodrevolutionday.com); Ideally, they’ll be standing grouped together, one half of people in the shot holding up their hands with “Sign it” written on them; and the other half holding up their hands with “Share it” written on them

In partnership with Real Food for Real Kids
R. Sardella


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