Hey Howard!

The EARTH BUDDIES have been hard at work this year helping to make our school community more environmentally friendly, here’s a brief update:

  • Green Bins rolled out January 2015 organic waste from lunches are collected in the gym, recyclable dry waste is collected in common areas and washrooms. FAST FACT: We learned Toronto’s organic waste facilities generate their own operating power through the composting process.
  • Litterless Lunch and Boomerang Lunch will continue to be promoted even with the advent of green bins, remember: It’s not waste until you waste it.
  • We’ve teamed up with SHAC on Walk to School Day and The Big Crunch as both events promote environmental health as well as individual health.
  • Our winter/spring focus is on energy conservation and sustainable sources – happily coinciding with the Battery Blitz and daylight savings time. We kicked this theme off with a fantastic guest speaker and Howard parent – thank you Robert – the club will share what they learned with Howard students in our awareness campaign. Coming soon will be inter-class and school-wide competitions on the topic with prizes awarded including our infamous potluck picnic!
  • We’re off to the movies! As part of Earth Month the EB club will head to the Royal (a bullfrog powered theatre) to see “Dark Side of the Chew” a documentary about the devastating environmental affects of chewing gum. While we can’t take all students with us, we will report back.
  • We have requested more bike racks and a water bottle filling station from the ECOschools office to make it easier for all Howard students and staff to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • And finally, we’re gearing up for Earth Week events including the annual parade, murals, paperless day and lights off day, seed planting and more.

As always, parent involvement is encouraged – please see our club page for contact info.



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