Boomerang Lunches Are Back!

Boomerang Lunch
By Sienna A. 42, Charlotte A.42 and Amelia A. 36
~ Earth Buddies Club


Hey Howard Parents!

Boomerang Lunches Are Back!

How Does It Work?
Student lunches are “thrown” to school and any wrappers or uneaten/partly eaten food are “thrown” back home. As usual, we encourage litterless lunches and snacks in reusable containers! Any ziplocs or wrapping will “boomerang” home, so if you must use them please think of creative ways to reuse them.

How Does It Help?
At our waste audit this fall, we found most “garbage” was food waste that could go into the compost at home or uneaten food that could be used for after school snacks or next day lunches. Less waste is better for nature and saving food saves money and work spent making after school snacks!

It really isn’t too hard to do but the results will help a lot!

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