Fall Fete – Chez Howard – Donations and Volunteers Needed

Calling all Foodies

Howard’s Fall Fete Lunch Table, Chez Howard, is gearing up for another fantastic year. As always, we will bring you the best of Roncy, right to the gym. But we need your help. We are looking for donations: We need juice boxes, plastic utensils, napkins. We also need food service items, such as containers, cups, plates, bags and take-out food container items.

Do you have any kitchen or service experience? Have you run a commercial deep fryer (and maybe want to do it again?!) Have you worked on the line? Were you ever a server? Have you been a prep cook? Do you love to work in a fast-paced exciting environment?!

We need a lot of support to make this happen. For the last three years we’ve been running this, Chez Howard has raised about $5,000 in just two short hours. But we can’t do it alone. Please reach out and get in touch.

Chez Howard Volunteer Coordinators
Zoe Traiforos and Samantha Hodder

Samantha Hodder
416 822 4611


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