QSP Announcement – Animal Services Day – TOMORROW

Hello Howard Families!
Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 17th) is our firstHoot’n’Holler day celebrating our school spirit. For those of you who are new to the school these are just days to bring a little fun and camaraderie to the school.
Last year we had a great success with our Stuffed Animal/Animal Services Day and we thought we would kick off the campaign doing it again. Kids can bring in a favourite stuffie and also an item to donate to Toronto Animal Services…they are looking for things like…
 • old towels
• old bedding
• leashes
• pet treats (please, no food as the animals are on a special diet)
• pet toys
Last year, thanks to your generosity, I loaded up the ol’ Impala full to the brim with all of your donations and they were greatly appreciated. I will have a bin set up outside the nurse’s office (next to the main office) for you to drop off your donations and I will leave it there for the week in case you forget.
Thank you for your support!
Julie French
QSP Chair