Urgent Request for School Blogger

The Howard School community is losing an important volunteer at the end of June. Our current parent volunteer who created and oversees the school website (Ingrid Larsen) will be leaving the neighbourhood. The Home and School Association would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Ingrid for making this initiative happen.

We are looking for a new volunteer(s) to take over this vital position as soon as possible.

Our website is run off of a template on the WordPress site. It is very easy to use – the program requires little more than basic word processing skills – and no background or experience is required.

At a minimum, this position requires monitoring of the Home and School email account for communication, and posting/ blogging to the website as required.  This is required almost daily, but it only takes 5 minutes to create a posting because it is so easy.  All work is done from home, on your own time.

There are also some miscellaneous activities that are required to maintain the site.  If you are really keen there is room to grow the site, but this is not required.  We already have few administrators who maintain their own pages and postings, and there is a backup team in place for things like vacation, illness etc.

If you are interested in taking or sharing this position on please contact Samantham0322@gmail.com