Principal Sardella’s January Newsletter


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Happy 2014! It has certainly been a busy year so far!  The weather has been up and down, our students have been busy working hard, teachers have been planning excellent lessons and relevant field trips to complement your child’s curriculum.  We thank you for your support in volunteering in those activities and we thank all staff for their dedication.

I would like to remind you of our Late Policy for our students.  It has come to our attention that a significant number of students have been late on a regular basis without a valuable reason. Lates in the morning and after lunch interrupt learning, just as well as lates between classes do.  In an effort to curb class interruption, maximize time on task, and respect people’s time, Ms.Wessenger-MacDonald and myself have addressed this the first week back in January.

Ms. Wessenger-MacDonald will be tracking lates this month. After five lates, parents will receive a letter explaining the situation.  We are confident that students and parents will make every effort to be punctual.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Yours in partnership,

Rosanna Sardella

For a full version of Principal Sardella’s letter which includes second term important dates click here.