We are excited to inform you that our school is registered in the Forest of Reading – a highly popular provincial recreational reading program for students in grades K and up.  Reading is always a high profile activity at our school but this voluntary reading program is something extra special. There are seven programs in the Forest of Reading®, a project of the Ontario Library Association, each planned for a different age group. All are designed to promote reading for enjoyment, to increase awareness of quality Canadian literature, to enhance student powers of discrimination and skill in evaluating books, and to provide opportunities to engage in discussions about books whether at school or at home. Last year a total close to 250,000 readers in Ontario read and voted for the best book in each category.

This is how the program works: readers read the ten Canadian titles on the list, and then vote for their favourite (must read a minimum of 5 to be eligible to vote). Voting day is in late April and our school will vote the entire month of April. Based on voting across the province, the best book is announced and the author is honoured with an award at the Festival of Trees™ in Toronto in May 2014.

Your child is encouraged to participate. To qualify to vote in April at least five of the ten nominated books on the shortlists must be read. In order to complete as many books as possible, students are encouraged to read at school, as well as at home. Come check out all of the books located in our library.

You can learn more this program at the Ontario Library Association website.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Simanic