Jingle Books! Jingle Books! Help Howard Heart Books.

Dear Parents,

Help us raise more money for Howard Public School by getting your friends & family to shop at Indigo.

We’re excited to partner with Indigo to help us meet this year’s fundraising goals.  From December 1st to December 31st , we can earn 10% in cash for every $25, $50 or $100 Indigo eGiftcard  purchased by our supporters.

You can help by simply purchasing an Indigo eGiftcard for yourself, your friends, or family members; it’s a perfect gift for the holidays that helps our school.







Do you want to buy an eGiftcard?  Follow these instructions to support our campaign:

  1. Click Here, or go to indigo.flipgive.com
  2. Click Find a Campaign
  3. Type “Howard Public School Loves to Read” in the top left search bar
  4. Click on the “Howard Public School Loves To Read” campaign
  5. Click “Support Now”
  6. Select a $25, $50, or $100 Indigo eGiftcard or make a cash donation
  7. Follow Instructions to complete payment and you will receive your eGiftcard by email shortly