Early French Immersion Pathway Change

Dear Howard Early French Immersion Families,

We are writing to notify you of a change in the intermediate school pathway for students who are enrolled in the Early French Immersion Program at Howard P.S.

Originally, the pathway that had been determined for these students was:

Howard Junior PS (grades SK to 6) > Runnymede Junior & Senior PS (7 & 8) > Humberside CI (9 to 12)

The following change is being made to the pathway and will come into effect in September 2015. The first cohort to follow this new pathway will be students currently in grade 5 at Howard Junior PS when they enter grade 7 in September 2015.  The new pathway will be:

Howard Junior PS (grades SK to 6) > Fern Ave Junior & Senior PS (7 & 8) > Humberside CI (9 to 12)

To summarize, the intermediate school that had been planned for students in the Early French Immersion program was Runnymede Junior & Senior PS but this has been changed to Fern Ave Junior & Senior PS. There is no change to the secondary school (Humberside CI) for students enrolled in this program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at kirsten.johnston@tdsb.on.ca


Kirsten Johnston
Program Coordinator
French as a Second Language,
Classical and International Languages

To see this letter in it’s entirety and to print it, click here.