And Our QSP Top Sellers Are…

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to inform everyone that the prizes from the QSP “PickAPrize” sheet are on their way and should be delivered to classrooms shortly. I know the kids are eagerly awaiting the influx of WebKinz into their rooms šŸ™‚

The winning hasn’t ended yet! There is one more prize draw to be held in November for the Day With the Gorilla Keeper at the Toronto Zoo. Our school was lucky enough to earn 11 entries into this draw along with a number of other schools in our district, so I’ll let you know the winner when it happens. We chose 11 of our top sellers and they are:

  1. Emma P. (area 41)
  2. Laurel S. (area 33)
  3. Eamon D. (area 38)
  4. Clara K. (area 42)
  5. Thomas M. (area 27)
  6. Maeve R. (area 24)
  7. Miles Sommers (area 21)
  8. Benjamin M. (area 40)
  9. Sam S. (area 38)
  10. James W. (area 38)
  11. Phoebe L. (area 32)

Good Luck in the draw!

A LARGE thank you to my team of volunteers who were invaluable in making this campaign a success
Gabrielle Ceresna
Lillian Canini
Erin McCaughan
Kathleen Mahaffy
Dorothy Chen
Gwendolyn Zezulka
Jennifer Giffin
Don’t forget you can always order throughout the school year at using our group ID# 9169.
Thank you for your support!
Julie French
QSP Chair