Calling All SuperDads & SuperMoms!

The Fall Fete is only 4 Days away and we are concerned about the low sign-up rate of parent volunteers.  It takes a community to ensure the success of a festival of this scale.

Did you know you volunteers are assigned a two hour shift, either 10:00 to noon or noon to two? This way you can help out and still enjoy the Fete with family and friends.

We also need some muscle and brains for set up and tear down. Setting up the Fete (haunted house, the tables, the Cafe, the booths etc.) all begins bright and early 7:00 am on Saturday morning.  You can sign up to help out with the set up or tear down at or fill out the orange volunteer form that went out in your child’s backpack.

Creating the magic and then putting it all away is quick work with many hands.

We need you!