QSP Prize Announcement

I have started entering the prize forms and I can tell that I don’t have everyone’s yet. Can you ensure that your children bring in their prize forms with them tomorrow (or a regular sheet of paper with their name, area and prize choice will do) and we can get the prizes ordered and out to the kids as soon as possible. We’re attaching a sample prize form for you to look at.  If you need any help remembering what you ordered you can email me at julie@shinyobject.ca and I can look that up for you in a flash.

I know for the younger grades this often gets missed, so if your child is in kindergarten or grade 1 and you think you sold at least 3 subscriptions then have them look at the chart tonight.

The QSP magazine drive is officially over. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite reach our goal but we were so close and I know you all worked so hard AND you were so generous with your donations to Toronto Animal Services that Mr. Ing has his outfit for Wednesday all picked out….the official MONKEY SUIT!

We will have the final tally for you shortly but we sold over $55,000! With that comes more good news…this means that we can enter 11 of our top selling students into the behind the scenes gorilla adventure at the Toronto Zoo! The draw happens in November and all of the schools in our district have entries as well. There will be an announcement later in the week as to who has their names in the draw.

Thank you so much for all of your support through this campaign. The money we raise helps our classrooms, our library and most of all your kids with our special programs. We really appreciate all of your hard work to make this happen.

Julie French
QSP Chair