QSP Magazine Drive – One Last Chance!

Did you know…the first monkey to fly to outer space was Albert II? He flew 83 miles in space on June 14, 1949 in an actual rocket ship!

Did you know we are only $4500 from sending Mr. Ing into the schoolyard in a monkey suit next week?

We are almost at our goal!  We’ll be keeping the QSP fundraiser open over the weekend so we can hopefully hit it. Consider ordering a french magazine for your child learning core french or, maybe “Creative Knitting” for your favourite “knit-wit” or, a yummy foodie magazine for your favourite chef…and maybe they’ll share!

I also wanted to share that because of your generosity, we had 10 massive plastic bags filled with items to help the animals at the Toronto Animal Services, South Office. I told them that someone had even donated a guinea pig leash and they were over the moon as that is something that is not usually donated and they were really grateful!

Thank you for all of your generous support! Prize forms are due on Monday and if you need any help tabulating your points you can email me or leave me a note in the nurse’s office.

Julie French
QSP Chair