Thank You, and There is Still Time to Order

Hello everyone!

I am overwhelmed with our Howard community’s generosity today. The drive for items to help animals at Toronto Animal Services was more than I ever thought we’d get. The hallway to the nurse’s office is stuffed with items to make our animal friends more comfortable as they wait for their forever homes or recover from surgeries. If you forgot to bring something in we are going to accept donations until this Friday and then we’ll take it down to the centre for drop off. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!

The QSP magazine drive is almost at an end but we are not quite at our goal yet. Aside from paying for things like Scientists in the School, buses, magazines for the school library & classrooms and other extras that our children love, Mr. Ing is going to wear a monkey suit if we hit our goal. Isn’t that worth it right there?  🙂

Take your QSP catalogue with you to work, school or to an appointment and ask if there is any interest in someone you know renewing something they may already have. You can ask anyone across Canada by using the email tool on the QSP website, and remember friends and family can order online any time (be sure to use group number 9169). Consider using a magazine subscription as a gift for someone you know…I know my brother-in-law has already shaved 2 strokes off of his golf game thanks to his subscription 🙂

We will be accepting orders over the weekend as well so I know we can reach our goal. Thank you for all of your support!

Julie French
QSP Chair