Library News

The library is OPEN! Every morning from 8:45 and most days after school from 3:30 until 4pm. The computers are available to students who have brought in their online code of conduct forms for research or use of TDSB approved websites or games. No facebook, miniclip or online games, or YouTube allowed.

So what CAN you do on the computers? There are typing skills (All The Right Type), math games, tons of links to explore from the library home page, Link to Learning, and much more. Four new laptop computers have been added to our lab, bringing our number to twenty four.

Volunteers needed. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Mrs. Simanic. The first book fair occurs during the month of November; the second one, the second week of December. These usually raise about $2000 plus over $1000 in books for the library. Howard has quite an exceptional collection of French and English books. It is your support that keeps it that way. If you are interested in helping keep the library up to date and current, we need you.