QSP Magazine Subscription Fundraiser

Hello Howard Families!

Each year, we hold our QSP magazine subscription fundraiser to raise money to benefit our students.  The success of the program depends on your participation. Because of your enthusiasm and generosity, last year we raised over $17,000 for our school.

Please save your magazine subscription renewals for our sale.  It is only when you renew directly through our program that our school receives any profit from your order.

This year’s QSP campaign will run from September 17th-27th.

If you are anxious to renew before the official campaign begins, you can support us today by shopping on-line! It’s easy . . . visit www.qsp.ca  Use our I.D. number 9169 and all early orders will count towards your child’s rewards!

Plan ahead and help even more…

• Consider giving magazine subscriptions as gifts this year. Each issue acts as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

• Order a subscription for your child. Kids love receiving mail and it’s proven that reading print benefits children far greater than reading material online.

• Let friends and family know about our upcoming fundraiser. Send them an email using the email service at  www.qsp.ca and your child will earn a reward just for spreading the word about our campaign.

If you have any questions, or wish to volunteer (trust me, it’s easy and fun to do!) you can send me an email at julie@shinyobject.ca, or use the contact form on our volunteer page.

Thanks again for your help fundraising for our school!


Julie French

QSP Volunteer