Parenting Workshop March 4th 7-9pm

Hello again Howard friends and families,
Our last Parent Workshop on Developmental Milestones was both informative and fun!  Not only were parenting discussions flowing,  some of us met a few fellow parents too!

Our next Parenting Workshop is Monday, March 4th, 7-9pm, in the Howard Library.

Parenting Topic:
Discipline, limits and guidance…
What are the rules in your house, and how do they support your vision for the life you want to share with your children? Everyone has an opinion – often several – on this topic.  We will look at behaviour management and boundary maintenance: communication, reinforcement, bribery, punishment and consequences.  What works?  What helps?  What gets in the way?

Question to consider: Every family has rules, either implicit or explicit. What are the 3 most important rules in your family? These are the ones you’ll go to the mat to enforce.Let’s continue to build community!  I know that for myself, as a parent, it always helps to feel like you’re sharing in the struggles and triumphs.
Tea and muffins will be served.
Kiddies welcome to play and look at books, but this time there will not be supervision.  If you are interested in child supervision, please let us know and we can organize it for the third workshop.
We hope to see you there!
Nicole Johnston (Isla’s mom)

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